Wallexon Creations Terms and Conditions


1.1 When the Customer has paid any kind of deposit this Agreement becomes binding and the Customer is bound by Our terms and conditions.

1.2 We will not  place orders for any goods until a minimum of a deposit of 50% of the purchase price of the goods has been provided by the Customer.

1.3 If the Customer cancels the Agreement in any way whatsoever Wallexon Creations  will charge the Customer a cancellation fee equal to 25% of the purchase price as envisioned in S17(3)(b) of the Consumer Protection Act.

1.4 We will subtract the cancellation charge from the amount paid for the deposit, and refund the Customer the balance. If the cancellation charge exceeds the amount paid, the Customer must pay any shortfall within seven days of demand.

1.5 All amounts the Customer owes Us must be paid to Us in full , without deduction of any kind or set-off for any reason.


2.1We warrant that the characteristics and capabilities of all items purchase by the Customer from Us will be substantially the same as advertised or displayed, but make no other warranties or representation in terms of the items purchased by the Customer from Us.

2.2We are not liable for direct or indirect damages the Customer suffers due to the late delivery of items purchased from Us or any other breach in terms of this Agreement unless otherwise stipulated in law.

2.3We are not responsible for any damages to the items purchased by the Customer from Us caused by:

– regular wear and tear to the items;

– you moving around of the items; or

– your negligence, mishandling, disassembling or alteration of the items.


3.1 With regard to used goods and goods listed as voetstoots you agree that the condition of the goods are not materially equal to that of the other goods and that these used goods might have scratches, marks and other flaws in them.

3.2 The Customer agrees that he/she shall accept the standard of the used goods and that may differ from the rest of the used goods sold and that the only guarantee with regard to these used goods are that they are suitable for their intended purpose and in the quality you could reasonably expect from used goods or goods listed as voetstoots


4.1 The Customer may not cancel an order for any goods whilst we are within the lead time quoted and the only time we will accept a return is if the goods were defective. If the Customer cancels the order we may deliver the goods to the Customer and demand payment of the purchase price.

Time limits: If the goods were defective the Customer must inform us within a day from delivery.

4.2 Goods sold as Voetstoots may not be returned, rejected on delivery or cancelled


5.1 We will deliver the goods to the Customer only once the Customer has paid the full amount of the purchase price.

5.2 Note: We are not responsible for the delivery of the goods. The Customer agrees that all delivery charges, fees and arrangements must be negotiated by the Customer and the relevant third party. The Customer hereby discharges Us from any damages and liability whether direct or indirect sustained during delivery or collection of the goods or items purchased from Us. We disclaim all liability and damages arising herein.

  1. Responsibility of measurements

6.1 Important note: We will not replace or refund you any amounts if the goods do not fit into a room or through a door. Please make sure that you do all measurements and establish the exact size specifications before ordering the goods.


7.1We will warehouse the goods at no cost for 30 days from the date that the items are purchased.

After this the Customer is liable for a monthly warehousing fee calculated at 5 % of the purchase price for the storage of the goods, which will be proportionately adjusted for periods less than 30 days.


8.1 The Customer’s claim for non-performance by Us will be limited to a refund of the purchase price of the goods.


9.1 We will remain the owners of the goods until you have paid the full purchase price and the goods have been delivered or collected.

If you have arranged with us to collect the Goods and do not collect on the agreed date, we will automatically start charging storage fees, and after 30 days we may sell the uncollected Goods. Your claim in this regard will be limited to that of a refund of the price obtained from the sale of these Goods, less any charges we have incurred, including storage charges.


10.1 Unless the purchased items received are defective or in the case of non-performance, the Customer is not entitled to a cash refund of any kind whatsoever. Any defects must be reported to Us by the Customer within 1  day of the Customer accepting delivery of the goods. Failure to notify within the aforementioned period will constitute a waiver of the Customers right to make any claim whatsoever against Us.

10.2 Goods sold as voetstoots will not qualify for refunds


11.1 Our lay byes never expire and are always valid so long as the Customer can provide an original invoice of the goods lay buyed.

11.2 In the event that the purchase price of the goods lay buyed increases and the Customer has failed to pay the original lay buyed purchase price in full within 6 months, the invoice price shall be adjusted and then the Customer shall be liable to pay the increased new lay buyed purchase price.

11.3Cancellation of any lay byes will result in the Customer being liable to pay a cancellation fee equal to 20% of the purchase price as envisioned in S17(3)(b) of the Consumer Protection Act.


12.1 Wallexon Creations r only issues quotations in writing from the company POS system.

12.2 All written quotations are valid for a period of 7days



13.1 There is no warranty of any kind applicable to goods sold as Voetstoots